Mr. Izsak's 2nd Grade Class


Dear Families,

Word Study is a block of time during which the children are learning new spelling patterns and generalizations that will eventually help them when they read and write new words.

I administered a Developmental Spelling Inventory to the class in order to determine where each child needed to begin with word study.  I then formed several groups based on this information.  Your child will be working on patterns/generalizations that are specific to his/her needs as a reader and writer.  As the children progress through the developmental stages of word learning, the groups and the focus of their word sorting may change.

At the beginning of each week, your child will be introduced to a word sort (list of words with commonalities) and will practice that word sort in class.  Throughout the week, different activities will be completed using the words from this sort.  The repetition with the sort will help solidify the pattern/generalization for your child so that it can be applied when he/she encounters a new word in reading or in writing.



Mr. Izsak