Mr. Izsak's 2nd Grade Class

Discipline Plan

I am delighted to have your child in my class this year!  We can look forward to many exciting and rewarding experiences as the year progresses.

Students in my class will be given every opportunity to manage their own behavior in a positive way.  I will be using "the bucket filler" method of positive reinforcement.  As children complete behaviors that help make our classroom a great learning environment they will be rewarded with puff balls that filled up their "bucket."  When their "bucket is filled they will receive a classroom reward and then start filling their "bucket" again.  This method will reward positive behaviors that hopefully will get all students involved in doing the right thing each day.

All Kids Count,

Ed Izsak

01. Anyway 
02. Keep on Growing
03. Laugh About It
04. Right on Time
05. Leavin' Trunk
06. I Want More > 
07. Drum Solo >  
08. Let Me Get By
09. Color of the Blues
10. How Blue Can You Get
11. Don't Know What It Means 
12. The Letter
13. Never Gonna Let You Go
15. Encore Crowd
16. Isn't it a Pity
17. Bound for Glory

Susan Tedeschi (gtr, voc)
Derek Trucks (gtr)
Kofi Burbridge (key, fl)
Tyler Greenwell (dr, perc)
J.J. Johnson (dr, pecr)
Kebbi Williams (sax)
Ephraim Owens (trpt)
Elizabeth Lea (bone)
Mike Mattison (harmony voc)
Mark Rivers (harmony voc)
Tim Lefevbre (harmony voc)
Alicia Shakour (harmony voc)